Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tag again

tag ni dpt dr kak Hana & Amy....


Simply, It's about where you squeeze the toothpaste.
Rules - Just answer the questions below and post in on your blogs. And of course, you have to tag at least one person, the more the merrier..

Question 1: Which Squeezer are you? Please select one of the following and let's see how the statistic is :-

A - Top-squeezer (squeeze from the top part)
B - Middle squeezer (squeeze from the middle)
C - Bottom-Squeezer (squeeze from the bottom)
D - Random squeezer (squeeze anywhere you can get your fingers on)

>>>> My answer is C.

Question 2: Explain your answer in Question 1 or whatever you want to say about it...

>>>> Senang...pas tu dr kecik mmg dh gitu kekekekekee

Question 3: who you want to tag this person:

Nantilah A pk nk tag sapa lak ya...:)

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